Eletev: Electric - All Terrain - Vehicle - The electric solution for Organic Farming


Eletev is an electric utility vehicle (EUV):

  1. light, but strong, aluminum chassis 

  2. 2 powerful electric motoreducers,

  3. reliable rechargeable batteries.

Engineered for using in organic agriculture, thanks to its modularity it is the ideal basis for future development in all the other activity sectors (spare time, building, floriculture, industry) where its special characteristics could be well accepted. In particular: 

  1. no noise, no emissions

  2. handy use

  3. economical (the electricity needed for batteries recharging could be easily auto-produced thanks to renewing energies )

  4. low consumption

  5. easy maintenance

All Wheels Traction

6 WD

10 years of research and development in Organic Agriculture applications

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